In Memory of Ted Pastras

(November 4, 1944 - March 3, 2013)


Ted Pastras was born and raised in Clinton, Iowa.  He attended the University of Iowa, where he received his BA degree in History and Political Science.  

For several years, Ted and his brother Chris Pastras were popular singers who went by the name The Pastras Brothers. Through their amazing singing talents they were able to travel throughout the United States with celebrities like Frank Sinatra, David Brenner and Phyllis Diller.

Ted throughout his life was an entertainer, a model , and an actor but always remained very active in politics. He worked on several Democratic Presidential Campaigns some of them including Kennedy’s, Carter’s, and Mike Dukakis.  

Ted Pastras was deeply involved in the Byzantine-Latino Quarter (BLQ) community where he had partnered with LANI since 1997. He was one of the original proponents of the BLQ Business Improvement District (BID) and helped establish it through his dedication and hard work. Since 2005, Ted served as the president of the BLQ BID board. His leadership was instrumental in creating the BLQ dining guide in 2013. He was also a member of the original LANI recognized community organization, formed in 1997. 

Ted was also an active member of the Saint Sophia Cathedral Parish for over 35 years where he was the Vice President and Director of Cultural Affairs. Both he and his wife served as the co-chairs of the highly successful L.A Greek Festival which over the years drew a large crowd of individuals into the BLQ. The tireless work of Ted and others to bring the L.A Greek Festival every year to the BLQ BID not only contributed to the revitalization of the corridor but also helped to fund the creation of a charter middle school.  Ted Pastras passed away suddenly on March 3, 2013. He will always be remembered for his enthusiasm, charisma, and tireless efforts to help the community in and around the BLQ BID. He will be greatly missed.

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