BID Services

The BLQ BID administers a variety of services to enhance the built environment and improve the economic and social well-being of the bustling business corridor.  

Street Maintenance—a primary and critical effort to create a clean, safe and welcoming environment is street maintenance. The BLQ BID contracted with Clean Street to perform vital street maintenance. Services include the removal of trash and litter from sidewalks, emptying of trash cans, sweeping of gutters, removal of weeds and refuse from tree wells and planters and removal of illegal posters and signs on poles.  An extra day of porter service was recently added to insure a beautiful and clean environment.

Business Development—at least once a year the BLQ BID hosts business development workshops. They are hosted in partnership with local resource organizations and government agencies and include topics such as access to financial resources and information on local, state and federal resources for businesses. 

Community Banners—in an effort to increase awareness about the BLQ BID and generate business and community pride, 175 new and vibrant banners were throughout the district. The lively banners depict the BLQ BID logo—two angels flying together. The angels symbolize the power of unity and partnership. 

Holiday Decorations—during the holiday season banners, bows and lights are installed along Pico Boulevard. The colorful decorations create a welcoming and festive shopping environment throughout the Byzantine Latino Quarter and surrounding neighborhoods.

Marketing—the BLQ BID is embarking on an extensive marketing campaign to highlight the wonderful diversity and uniqueness of the thriving business corridor and adjacent communities. The campaign includes a dining guide, events, social media, amongst other activities. 

Newsletters—a quarterly newsletter is distributed to BLQ BID property and business owners. The newsletters cover an array of topics, including information on City and community programs available to businesses, updates on local projects, profiles of property and business owners in the district and information on BLQ BID activities.

Other maintenance and beautification projects — Other projects include tree trimming and the installation of vibrant medallions that will depict the BLQ BID logo, two angels flying together symbolizing the power of unity and partnership.  The BLQ BID is constantly developing and administering projects to create a safe, clean and welcoming environment for all.

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